Saw Palmetto for Breast Enlargement? How Does it Work?


Breast enlargement can be enhanced by certain hormones including prolactin,progesterone,growth hormone and estrogen. In recent years most women have been seeking natural ways to increase the size of their breasts as opposed to undergoing the breast surgery or breast augmentation. The use of organic food products and herbs have been used for quite some time to enhance the enlargement of breasts.

Already, herbs like saw palmetto and fenugreek have been used to enhance breast enlargement. In this article, our focus will be on saw palmetto and how it is used to enhance the enlargement of breasts.

Saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto is an indigenous plant which is commonly found in coastal region of South America and the Caribbean. Saw palmetto plant is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. It also promotes smooth digestion, healthy appetite and urethra functions. Saw palmetto is also used to improve female libido and treat male impotence.

Use of Saw palmetto for breast enlargement

Saw palmetto has come to the aid of many women who desire to enhance the size of their breasts and have a firmer and fuller shape of the breasts. The use of saw palmetto to enhance breast enlargement started very long time ago and until up to date naturopathic physicians still recognize it for that purpose.

Its enhancing effects on breasts are caused by the phytonutrients which stimulate the development of breast tissue thus improving health, appearance and size of the breasts.

In the early years, the American botanists observed that in animals which fed on saw palmetto berries looked more robust and healthier, they had a renewed sexual vigor and an enhanced muscle tone.

Saw palmetto herb also stimulates prolactin production.Prolactin promotes the enlargement of breasts and production of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

Saw palmetto has no drug interactions or side effects thus, its most suitable for women who seek to enhance their breast size and appearance. Saw palmetto is normally available in oral capsules, natural berry, tea and tablets form.

There is no any fixed dosage that is recommended though it’s better to begin by taking 160 mg of 85-95% extract twice daily.Often,the results are seen within the first 30-60 days. However, how fast the results are achieved varies from one individual to another, as in some women the results will take almost a year to appear.

When saw palmetto is mixed and taken together with certain herbs (particularly those that contain diosgenin),the results are achieved quicker and also there is more increase in size of the breast compared to when it’s used alone.


The FDA has warned people of the products which claim to be used for breast enhancement since they cause the breasts to enlarge by water retention. Thus, when purchasing saw palmetto for breast enhancement it’s important to strictly follow the guidelines below;

  • · Don’t purchase saw palmetto over the internet because some of the vendors are not honest enough and may end up delivering a different product. One is suppose to look for a trustworthy and reliable herbalist who can assist you find the saw palmetto supplement that will really help in breast enlargement.
  • · You should discuss the amount of saw palmetto that you are supposed to take with a medical expert.
  • · Take the saw palmetto supplement which is mixed with herbs that contain diosgenin.Again,its important to consult medical experts before one begin consuming saw palmetto for breast enlargement.

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