6 Ways to get rid of Saggy Breasts


With time, most breasts often have a tendency of losing their perkiness before beginning to sag. We all know that pregnancy is a major cause of this phenomenon together with other aging process. Luckily enough, only women with smaller breasts might be totally exempted from this happening thus posing a great challenge for many women.

Whenever you want to treat sagging breasts, the best approach involves stopping any further sagging at the same time making several lifestyle adjustments, which involve several key exercises with dietary adjustments.

Step 1

Ensure you wear a bra. Most breasts sag when connective tissue and ligaments get stretched thus becoming weak. To maintain your breasts supported, ensure you wear a bra. It is even more important when doing physical activities such as running.

Step 2

Maintain your skin in a good shape. The skin is a key part of breast thus its good shape will definitely keep your breasts in good shape. Eat clean diets, which are nutrient-rich with precise vitamins and minerals at the same time healthy for your skin.

These are vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. They are found in foods such as broccoli, oranges, grapefruits, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, baby spinach carrots, flax seed oil and sunflower seeds.

Step 3

Drink daily plenty of water that keeps the skin hydrated. Water has numerous benefits to body. First, it flushes all the toxins from the body system, lubricates all connective tissue, aids in digestion and most importantly, it hydrates the skin thus preventing sagging breasts.

Step 4

Perform breast massage. This practice massage for your breasts is about 15 minutes in morning hours and 15 minutes at night. This will assist the circulation of blood that helps in supporting the breasts tissues that making them more firm and straight. You need to do this at least for 30 days before seeing permanent and long lasting effects.

In addition, you can the opportunity and use the breast firming pills and creams. Together with the breast massage, your breasts will look more firm and straight than ever before.

Step 5

Conduct several dumbbells fly exercises. These dumbbell flies are often done on a bench that s flat. You need to lie with your back facing the ground and dumbbells in your both hands. Make sure you extend your both arms up straight in air with palms facing forward. Secondly, lower both arms to the other side until the upper arms are parallel to floor, before returning them to the beginning point. Simple indeed and has great results!!

Step 6

Do several incline chest presses. First, you need to adjust your bench at an angle of 60 degree. Secondly, lie on the bench holding dumbbells in your both hands. Then press them up straight in air with palms facing forward before slowly lower both of them down to the chest height by bending your both elbows.

Finally, lift both of them back up. Make sure you repeat the process several times. The exercise will definitely work your chest thus preventing your breasts from sagging.

The above 6 practices on how to get rid of saggy breasts will give your breasts that perfect shape and size.

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