Top Rated Breast Enhancement Products of the Year

Knowing which breast enhancer to use is almost an impossible task, especially when choosing the wrong one can impact your health and well being.

Here at we’ve reviewed the top breast enlargement pills and creams to help you combat saggy, droopy and small breasts. When you’re faced with these obstacles you don’t want to have to worry about which product is the best one to use.

We’ve tested the best breast enhancers on the market so you can make a decision on which product to use.

We’ve ranked them towards the ingredients they contain and whether they actually work and are fully efficient.
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We look at:

  • Breast enhancement power
  • Ingredient quality
  • Speed of results
  • Long-Term results
  • Customer service
  • And customer satisfaction

Breast Enhancer Comparison Chart:

Below is a comprehensive comparison chart detailing the important information you need to know before choosing a breast enhancement product.

Best Breast Enhancer Breast Actives Review
Breast Actives Reviews
Total Curve Reviews
Total Curve Reviews
Brestrogen Review
Brestrogen Reviews



# 1 Editors Choice

# 2 Second Choice

# 3 Third Choice

Overall Rating: 9.8 / 10 9 / 10 8.5 / 10
Function: + Number 1 Best Seller
+ Natural do-it-at-home Therapy
+ 100% Safe
+ Proven to enhance breast size
+ Provides shapelier breasts
+ Enhances confidence
+ Natural ingredients
+ Used by celebrities
Total Curves oral supplements renders outstanding results and the company also provides customers a Money Back Guarantee if they’re not satisfied Reported size increases of 1 cup in 6-7 weeks and 2 cups in 5-6 months. Consumers have also reported breast lifting in as little as 7 days.
Medical Backings: It is made from 100% natural ingredients, which are certified as safe under FDA regulations. Total Curve™ consists of all-natural, organic phytoestrogens (estrogen-like hormones) that collectively contribute to the overall mass and volume of the total breast size. Brestrogen is made from natural yet powerful ingredients, mainly Pueraria Mirifica which is a plant compound from the forests of Chiengmai in Thailand and has no known harmful side effects.
Reported Side Effects: Minor tender breasts, no long term side effects. Minor tender breasts, no long term side effects. No reported side effects as of yet.
Long Term Benefits: 9.3 / 10 – Excellent! 9.0 / 10 8.7 / 10
Prescription: No, over the counter. No, over the counter. No, over the counter.
Customer Reviews: 5ratingStars 4ratingStars 3ratingStars
Trustworthiness: SSLseals SSL
Price: $44.50- Best Price Guaranteed
$69.95 $124.95
Full Review: Breast Actives Reviews Total Curve Reviews Brestrogen Reviews
Official Website: Visit Breast Actives Website Visit Total Curve Website Visit Brestrogen Website


BEWARE: There are many Breast Enhancer Products out there that simply don’t work! These products give bogus claims and people usually end up wasting their time and money on ineffective products. Here at we ensure claims are clinically proven and that the product will actually work for you!

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Top 3 Breast Enhancers

We've had experts review the top breast enhancement pills and creams out on the market in 2015 and have made a detailed comparison for you to make an informed decision. Please read below to find out which breast enhancement products were ranked in our top 3 by experts.

# 1 Breast Actives

Breast Actives is one of the well known completely natural breast enhancement and enlargement system that has been successfully used by thousands of women around the world to achieve their beauty and physical enhancement objectives.

What really distinguishes Breast Actives from other commonly available enhancement products is the fact that, unlike pills, creams, gels, drops or exercise-involving tactics, it is a three-component unique enhancement “system” that works on multiple levels to provide a cumulative enlargement boost to female breasts.

Breast Actives is for you if YOU:

  • Are looking for a multi-component breast enlargement therapy product
  • Would also like to try out the exercise and massage therapy to enhance the size and shape of your breasts
  • Want to try out a 10O% safe therapy
  • Would try out a product that is being used by the top models and celebrities
  • Want great Customer Service
  • Want to use something that will enlarge your breasts permanently and not for short term
  • Would only prefer all-natural methods to enhance your all-natural body

Read our staff review of Breast Actives Now

# 2 Total Curve

Total Curve is a multi-component combination therapy system which is herbal in nature and is intended to increase both mass and volume of the breast tissue in females. Unlike most other supplements or products, has to be administered both locally (via skin application) and orally (via oral pills).

Moreover, the supplement is scientifically tested to cause rapid yet sustained results in most subjects and, with 60-days money back guarantee, it is definitely worth-trying.

Read our staff review of Total Curve

# 3 Brestrogen

By nature, Brestrogen is a 100% natural supplement that comes in the form of a “cream”. Unlike other commonly available female enhancement supplements, what really makes Brestrogen unique and well-distinguished is the fact that it comes in a cream form for topical (local) application and does not have to be taken orally.

Read our staff review of Brestrogen

More About Breast Enlargement Pills & Creams

Breast Enhancers and How it Works

With the advent of social media and rapidly growing online marketing, more and more beauty and fitness enthusiasts are turning towards natural and herbal products to fulfill their health-related objectives. Some common examples of such segments include weight loss and fitness products, anti-acne and anti-arthritis supplements, anti-aging products and teeth whitening and polishing supplements.

The latest addition to such categories is that of “female enhancement products or breast enhancing supplements”. In this evidence-based review, let’s explore and discover the basics about breast enhancement, various modalities used to achieve this goal and the comparative efficacy of each of such methods.

What is breast enhancement?

Also known as breast augmentation, by definition, breast enhancement refers to any method, technique or a way that is implied to increase, enlarge or beautify the size, shape or appearance of women’s breasts.

However, to better understand how breast enhancing methods work or why it is necessary, let’s first understand the structure of breast itself.

Defining female breast

Anatomically known as “mammary glands”, two breasts serve as the secondary sexual characteristics in females. By nature, they are intended to serve the following important functions:

  • They are the core source of nourishment to the newborn (through the process of nursing or lactation after baby’s birth)
  • They also serve as the “cosmetic appearance” in women and help differentiate physically from the opposite gender.

Why is breast enhancement important – Reason and Rationale

Healthcare experts, physicians, herbalists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have identified the following key reasons that could justify the need for breast enhancement in women:

Cosmetic reasons: This is, perhaps, the most common reason for which most females seek breast enhancement. It is justifiably perceived that bigger, fuller and firmer breasts add attraction and enticing beauty to female figure.

Health reasons: After pregnancy or due to breast feeding, most women’s breasts begin to sag because of the increased accumulation of fatty and loose areolar tissue. In such cases, health care experts suggest breast toning and tightening in women.

Anti-aging phenomenon: The wrinkled and loose skin of breasts adds to the physiological ‘aging” phenomenon in many women. As a result, their cleavage and bosom look like those of older women.

Published studies, clinical trials and surveys have revealed the following frequent reasons for women’s desire to enhance their breasts:

  • To beautify their external appearance
  • To simply enlarge their size
  • To increase their firmness (by tightening and toning effect)
  • To enhance their shape
  • To recover the lost tone, appearance and firmness of skin

Types of breast enhancement methods and products

On the basis of their nature and type of action, various breast enhancement techniques and methods can be classified into the following categories:

Surgery: Often done by a general, cosmetic or plastic surgeon, breast surgery is a traditional method of enlarging breast size. Also known as breast augmentation operation, this surgery can be of various subtypes such as silicone implantation etc. It does, however, has its own share of drawbacks e.g. high costs, health risk of associated complications (e.g. bleeding, perforation, inflammation and infection during and after surgery).

Medications: In certain pathological conditions, doctors or endocrinologists prescribe “Hormonal or hormone replacement therapy’ to the women in which breast fail to develop because of some clinical disease or reason. Estrogen injections or pills are frequently used for this purpose. Again, this method is associated with a lot of side effects and there is no guarantee that it will work for all.

Natural methods: Probably the safest of all methods, these methods and techniques comprise of the following:

i) Exercises: Recommended by massage therapists and physiotherapists, various exercises have been found to increase shape and appearance of breasts in certain women.

ii) Herbal supplements: There are quite a few good, recommended and scientifically backed herbal supplements that, when used regularly and for long period of time, significantly contribute to breast size and shape in women. More importantly, they are most economical and safest method and are generally conside3red devoid of any health risks, complications or side effects. Some of the common examples of such supplements include natural breast enhancement pills and creams.

How do natural breast enhancers work?

Most natural breast enhancement supplements or products work through one or more of the following ways:

By hormone-like mechanisms: It must be remembered that the key female sex hormone responsible for breast growth and development is known as “Estrogen”. Some estrogen-like ingredients derived from plants are known as “phytoestrogens” and serve as the key ingredients in many of the recommended herbal products. Just like the real hormone “estrogens”, these phytoestrogens of herbal origin act to accelerate the growth of your breast size, inducing a natural phenomenon of “cell division” only in the breast tissue.

  • They also increase the blood flow to the breast tissue which results in speedy growth and development of the palpable breast tissue
  • Finally, they also promote fibroblasts growth which eventually leads to the increased size of fatty and fibrous tissue which contribute to the mass and bulk of the breast

By exercising method: The palpable tissue of breasts has a self-growing feature i.e. it tends to grow when palpated. For the same reason, many experts and massage therapists recommend daily massage tactics that could help breasts grow firmer and fuller. It is a time-requiring procedure though and months could be needed to witness full results, if any. However, it should be remembered that exercising, alone, won’t work and will only work synergistically if used with recommended natural methods such as mentioned above.


After reviewing the information above, it is logical to conclude that breast enhancement has now become more of a need than a want. As more and more women toward towards breast enhancement methods, careful consideration should be given to various methods used for this purpose. Due to their high safety profile, low costs and increased effectiveness, natural or herbal breast enhancement methods and supplements are now considered as the first-line priority by naturopaths and enthusiasts alike.


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